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Hi there, everyone!

As a writer just starting out, I look forward to making new friends and answering any questions that you may have for me.

Also, if you have a book that you would like me to review, or if you would be interested in being a guest on my blog, I would love to hear from you.

To contact me, simply leave a message in the "Guestbook" that is located in the sidebar on the right-hand side of my blog. To find it, look for the title of: "Cynde's Guestbook", and directly beneath it, you will find the animated icon of a writing journal with a feather-pen that is gliding across its surface. Double-click on the journal to gain access to the "Guestbook" itself.

If you would prefer, you may contact me by email.
Simply submit your correspondence to me by clicking here

NOTE: If for some reason my email is NOT working right (which it hasn't been for a few days now), and you want to email me, you won't be able to use that cool "clicky" thing that I had all set up for you. (stupid computer!) Here's my email address:
I sure HOPE I'll be able to receive it. Give me some time to answer back, OK? Sorry and thanks for your patience. Just be sure to try the "clicky" thing first It may work...who knows? (18 August 2010)

Anyone wishing to "follow" my blog may do so by clicking on the widget that is located in the sidebar on the right-hand side of my blog. I'm fast approaching the "100 followers" threshold and it will soon be time to "CELEBRATE!"

Thank you for your interest in me and/or my writing. I truly appreciate the encouragement.

God bless you and may you have a blessed day, every day.

Cynde Bond Hammond

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