Monday, August 16, 2010

"My Quick Review Of: The "Write On Con" Writing Conference"

I don't know about the rest of you, but I thought the free writing conference for kidlit writers was absolutely awesome! Also, since the conference was free, any interested writer was encouraged to attend, plus the curriculum focused on picture book, middle grade, and young adult writers. did have a few temporary glitches due to the overwhelming response that they had. I'm not exactly sure, but I think that maybe Google wasn't prepared for all of the creatively talented people that would be converging on one tiny little spot at the same time, and it blew their "little minds". Can you imagine what would have happened if had have offered the conference to more than just kidlit writers? Why, it probably would have closed down the entire Internet!

Then on top of that, after Google finally got everything squared away, some of the participants (namely me!) still had trouble getting on to the site because now their own individual Internet Service Providers (ISP's) were having problems with either Google or the site itself. It was a little bit frustrating...

But as far as I'm concerned, none of this should reflect negatively upon the founders/presenters of the event itself. Each one of the people involved in organizing, presenting and the actual nuts-n-bolts working at this fantastic conference are to be congratulated for the excellent jobs that they did!

NOTE: The following are the people in the "gang" that are to be recognized for their outstanding work throughout this event:


  1. Jamie Harrington

  2. Elana Johnson

  3. Casey McCormick

  4. Shannon Messenger

  5. Lisa and Laura Roecker

  6. Jennifer Stayrook


  1. Michelle Andelman with Regal Literary.

  2. Regina Brooks with Serendipity Literary Agency, LLC.

  3. Catherine Drayton with InkWell Management.

  4. Natalie M. Fischer with The Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.

  5. Mandy Hubbard with D4EO Literary Agency.

  6. Weronika Janczuk with D4EO Literary Agency.

  7. Mary Kole with The Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc..

  8. Jennifer Laughran with The Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc..

  9. Kendra Levin with Viking Children's Books.

  10. Steven Malk with Writer's House Literary Agency.

  11. Mark McVeigh with The McVeigh Agency.

  12. Martha Mihalick with Greenwillow Books.

  13. Molly O'Neill with Katherine Tegen Books.

  14. Kathleen Ortiz with Lowenstein Assoiciates, Inc..

  15. Paul Samuelson with Sourcebooks, Inc..

  16. Anica Rissi with Simon & Schuster.

  17. Holly Root with Waxman Literary Agency.

  18. Elana Roth with The Caren Johnson Literary Agency.

  19. Joanna Stampfel-Volpe with Nancy Coffey Literary and Media Representation.

  20. Kate Schafer Testerman with KT Literary.

  21. Suzie Townsend with FinePrint Literary Management.

  22. Michelle Wolfson with Wolfson Literary Agency.


  1. Josh Berk

  2. Tera Lynn Childs

  3. Rosemary Clement-Moore

  4. Kimberly Derting

  5. Lindsay Eland

  6. Jennifer Fosberry

  7. Risa Green

  8. Rachel Hawkins

  9. P. J. Hoover

  10. Shelli Johannes-Wells

  11. Julia Karr

  12. Kody Keplinger

  13. Lindsey Leavitt

  14. Tom Leveen

  15. J. S. Lewis

  16. Cynthea Liu

  17. Jodi Meadows

  18. Shelley Moore Thomas

  19. Aprilynne Pike

  20. Janette Rallison

  21. Lisa Schroeder

  22. Crystal Stranaghan

  23. Tiffany Strelitz Haber

  24. Stasia Ward Kehoe

  25. Daisy Whitney

  26. Suzanne Young

  27. Michelle Zink

The Illustrators from "Studio Five" are:

  1. J. H. Everett

  2. Bob Singer

  3. Alice and Martin Provensen

  4. Andrew Mitchell

  5. JR Johnson

  6. Marilyn Scott-Waters

I just wanted to publicly acknowledge all of the people that went to so much work bringing us such a fabulous writer's conference...and all for FREE, too, I might add! In addition to that, I wanted to give them a great big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, because I don't know that I would be able to attend a conference any other way. ~If I have missed anyone in error, please accept my apology, then let me know so I can edit this posting right away! Thanks.~'s a special thanks to all of you:

I guess that's all for now, folks. Be sure to use the links above and visit the people that you're interested in checking out. Every one of them is super talented & creative and you'll be glad that you've gotten to know them in one way or another. Trust me!

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may the Lord bless you all.


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Update On My Latest News!"

Hello, everybody!

I just completed the "Summer Symposium Workshops" hosted by "Savvy".

While I was a "lurker" in several of the workshops, the workshops that I actually participated in are as follows:

  1. "Great Characters--Great Hooks: How to Put 'Em Together" with Shannon Donnelly.

  2. ""Muse. Breathe. Focus. Achieve." with Stacia Kelly.

  3. "Series Pitfalls" with Dyanne Davis.

Furthermore, Dyanne Davis has asked me to be a guest on her website; she will be interviewing me in the very near future. I am so honored! It will be my very first interview on a website ever!

And guess what! I was one of the blessed individuals that won a "raffle prize" from the "Summer Symposium Workshops". My prize was a book entitled "WRITING ROMANCE" that was donated by Beth Barany.
"Thanks a lot, Beth!"

The first thing on my agenda is the fabulous, FREE online writer's conference called: "" which will be held from 10 through 12 August 2010, inclusive.

Next in line for my events at the "Savvy" site are the following workshops:

  1. "Tickets to Ride: Basic Historical Research"; Instructor: Beth Daniels; Dates: 30 Aug-05 Sept 2010.

  2. "Creating Your Own Book Trailer"; Instructor: Kris Tualla; Dates: 05 Sept-19 Sept 2010.

I guess that's all for now, folks. I'll check in as soon as I have any more news. I let you know when my interview with Dyanne Davis will be posted so you can check it out, OK?

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may the Lord bless you all.


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