Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Welcome to my Page, Leona and Angie!"

By now, you all know how excited I get when a new "follower" comes on board my site! I whoop and holler; I jump up and down; I dance the jig; and I do cartwheels--well, not really...but I do smile a lot!

Seriously speaking, every last one of my "followers" represents someone that likes my blog; that cares about what I have to say; and that cares about me. I'd say that's pretty special. I owe it to all of them to do my very best to at least write something, now and then, that is entertaining, or at the very least, interesting.

My first new "follower" today is Leona G. Shankle, a published author and poet. Her book, entitled "At The Starting Gate," is a collection of assorted poetry and short stories ranging from humorous to serious and inspirational.

Leona also maintains her two blogs: Her first blog is named after her book, At The Starting Gate and it's filled with the things she learned "along the way to publishing [her] book," plus "some tips and insights," and what she calls "a mind-boggling set-back every now and then." Her second blog, Fun n Inspiration , is the sister site to her other blog, and in that blog, she shares inspirational emails and stories as well as things to "help make [our] day a little brighter."

My second new "follower" today is Angie Lofthouse. (Don't you just love her last name? She "is a stay-home mom of six children. Her fiction has appeared in NFG, AlienSkin, Amazing Journeys, The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights and Angels, Irreantum, and Unparalleled Journeys. She is also an editor for Mindflights Magazine. She lives in a little canyon in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains with her family of writers, artists, singers, composers, illustrators and musicians."

Angie's blog, which is entitled Notes From The Writing Chair, is loaded with valuable writing tips and secrets; updates on her family life; book reviews; links and resources; and so many goodies that it's a veritable goldmine! Her husband even has a gardening blog, called Loafer Canyon Gardening, which I signed up to follow because, I think that our spouses need supporting, as well, and when we as writer's, support each other's spouses, too, it gives us a boost emotionally and spiritually. What could be better than that? We've got to show some love, write right? (LOL!)

Aside from the amazing, very first book that Angie has written, called "Zion Rising," which she is now in the first stages of trying to get it published, here is a list of Angie's published works:

  • "Soul Singer" in "The Sword Review" — September 2006

  • "Brierly's Lilies" in "Dragons, Knights, and Angels" — April 2006

  • "Casualties of War" in "AlienSkin" — April/May 2005

  • "Ripped" in "Amazing Journeys" — March 2005

  • "Fidelity" in "Unparalleled Journeys Anthology"

  • "Getting Colder" in "Amazing Journeys" — June 2004

  • "Sacred Places" in "Irreantum" — Spring 2004

  • "Among the Silent Stars" in "Amazing Journeys" — March 2004

  • "Blessing Stone" in "NFG" — June 2003

As you can see, I am beginning to amass some fantastic "followers" on my blog(s) and it's a shame if you haven't joined yet. It's not too late; you can join at any time!

Let me say, once again, "Welcome to my site, Leona and Angie!" and also..."I hope you enjoy being part of the "Cynde's Daybook" family. I am honored to have you as a members, and I'll do my best to make you glad that you have joined us!"

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless you all.


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Angie said...

Thank you, Cynde! I'm glad to be here. Your blog looks great, too. I assume your name is pronounced "Cindy?" That's my mom's name. :) Have a great day.

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Awww...thanks, Angie! And I'm glad you like my blog, too.

Yes, it's pronounced "Cindy," unless you're one of the many people that think, at first glance, that it says CLYDE! That happens ALL the time! :o( LOL!

You have a great day, too, and God bless you!


dellgirl said...

Cynde, this is an awesome honor! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Your blog is beautiful and so full of interesting information.

I hope you had a great weekend and that the coming week is a good one.

Thanks again!

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Dear Leona,

I am SO glad you liked this "welcome" post! I wanted you to know HOW MUCH it means to me that you have support me in this way.

Lots of people read my blog, and don't bother to even leave a comment, which is fine, but I wish that if they're going to keep coming back, they'd sign up as "followers."

Oh well...thanks again for your support, Leona! You're a real doll!