Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Please VOTE for/COMMENT on this CONTEST that I entered!"


I have entered the "Tinsel Tales Flash Fiction Contest" which ends on 31 December 2009. I am asking anyone that has a spare moment, to please visit the site and vote for/comment on the stories that you like. Hopefully, my story will be included in the ones you like. I would really appreciate your support on this. There are some really cute stories (much better than mine) and I just want to see how I do. Will you please support me?


  1. Comment in the comment section of this blog if you're going to be able to support me, OK? Thank you for your support. It means the world to me! (You don't have to do this one—I would just like you to, for my own information, that's all.)

  2. Click where it says "here" under the "Tinsel Tales" image, below) and it will take you to the "Tinsel Tales" site.

  3. When you get to the "Tinsel Tales" site, it will list all the stories, one right after the other. Just vote for the ones you like and make comments, if you feel like it. There are lots of cute little stories. Happy voting and God bless you!

Please visit the site here to vote/comment. Thank you so much for your support!

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may the Lord bless you all.


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Angie said...

I'll pop over there when I get a chance! Good luck.

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Thanks, Angie!