Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Upcoming Events at Cynde's "Write Stuff" Blog!"

So far, we've had a great start for 2010. The winner of our first contest, for a FREE, AUTOGRAPHED, Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of "BLOOD LINES" written by Kathryn Casey, was Pamela MacLean.

The following are the things you can expect to see in my blog in the near future:

  • A book review of "BLOOD LINES" written by Kathryn Casey.

  • An interview with guest author, Kathryn Casey, who wrote "BLOOD LINES", the gripping sequel to the amazing book, "SINGULARITY".

  • A book review of "Cynthia's Attic: The Missing Locket" written by Mary Cunningham.

  • A book review of "Cynthia's Attic: The Magic Medallion" written by Mary Cunningham.

  • A book review of "Cynthia's Attic: Curse of the Bayou" written by Mary Cunningham.

  • A book review of "Cynthia's Attic: The Magician's Castle" written by Mary Cunningham.

  • An interview with Mary Cunningham, who wrote the delightful "CYNTHIA'S ATTIC SERIES".

  • An interview with guest author, Allan Mayer, who wrote the amazing book, "TASTING THE WIND".

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may the Lord bless you all.


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Pamela said...

Looking forward to it all! And I'm excited to get a chance to read Bloodlines =)

Cynde L. Hammond said...


It makes me so happy to hear how excited you are about the prospect of reading "BLOOD LINES."

That reminds me--I need to ask you a question: Have you read Kathryn Casey's book entitled "SINGULARITY", which is the prequel to "BLOOD LINES"?

The reason I'm asking is because if you're anything like me, you'll probably want to read the two books in order, since the stories definitely relate to each other and the second book refers to the first within the recounting of its story.

I did a review of "SINGULARITY" on my blog and you can find it here. It was a fantastic book and trust me--you'll be glad that you read it!

All The Best,

dellgirl said...

Wonderful things to share and, I am looking forward to it all also. Thanks for a great post. You've started the new year off with a 'BANG', keep up the good works. I always enjoy seeing what you have coming up next.

Thank you for your visits and for taking the time to comment.

Happy New Year, Cynde. I hope 2010 is super-fantastic for you!

Cynde L. Hammond said...


I pray that 2010 is the best year EVER for you as well.

And I am really excited about what I have planned for my blog already this year. Plus, my writing course is going very well, too, so I'm extremely happy about that!

Keep checking in, OK? I'm always glad to hear from you.

God bless you,

dellgirl said...

Just stopping back in to see what's new and what you're doing. Mostly wanted to say "hi".

I hope your week-end is going well.

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Leona!
I'm just getting ready to post a few things, so you'll be very happy, I'm sure.
Yes, I had a great weekend. My grandson was baptized on Saturday--he's eight months old now. He's such a doll.
I'll talk to you soon,

Uninvoked said...

Oh my gosh! A non-snobby book review website. I see so few of these any more, that I just had to make a comment. I'm really excited!

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Awww...what a sweet comment. Well, I hope you'll come back and visit again, "Uninvoked." I'd love to get to know you better.

Thanks for stopping by!