Monday, June 29, 2009

"Cynde's Tuesday Morning Book Review"

As an aspiring writer who had lost over 100 pounds through diet and willpower myself, I was very anxious to read Kathryn Lilley’s debut novel entitled “Dying To Be Thin: A Fat City Mystery”. I am pleased to report that I am delighted with the story, and as an added bonus, the diet tips that she offered throughout the book were authentic, helpful and even witty.

Smart, pretty, and plus-sized Kate Gallagher accepted an assignment working freelance for a small, local television station in Durham, North Carolina after losing both her job and her boyfriend in the span of a week while still living in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Then, instead of starring exclusively in a television special about her transformation from “a beast” to “a beauty”, she would now also have to work undercover to get the scoop on who, only a day after her arrival, had murdered Dr. Hoffman, the diet guru in charge of the weight-loss clinic where Kate would be staying.

Depicting Kate as desirable to the men in this story, even though she was quite a bit overweight, was an enchanting surprise. Not only does it amaze Kate that they would see her as attractive, but at the same time, to portray obese individuals in such a positive light is a welcome departure from the norm.

The action in this captivating mystery is fast-paced with no questions left unanswered at the end, plus it kept me guessing “whodunit” all the way through until almost the last, agonizing minute, which is unusual for me. In addition to that, the characters are likeable as well as entertaining, and I am looking forward to reading the next Kate Gallagher mystery, which is entitled “A Killer Workout”.

Before I forget, I have to tell you about another one of my favorite parts of “Dying To Be Thin”. Kathryn has added a cute little section to the back of the book called “Glossary of Durham Dieters’ Terms”. This glossary includes words and phrases with their definitions, including my choice for the two cutest ones, which are:

BSP = Born Skinny Person ~and~ WCP = Weight Challenged Person

In conclusion, I think that this is an excellent debut book for Kathryn Lilley. I enjoyed every word of it and I think you would, too. If you don’t go out and buy it, you’ll be missing out on a well-written, light-hearted mystery, and if you do purchase it, you’ll be so glad that you did. Thank you.


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