Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Book Sale Treasures!"

My husband, Dion, takes me to a huge book sale every year, right around my birthday. It's at the Auburn Mall and they have hundreds of books. This year, Jon went with us and we had a great time. After we picked out the books we wanted (I would have taken more if we had more money to spare!), we picked out some flowers to plant in our windows boxes. The house is going to look really pretty when I'm done. I can't wait! Here are the book sale treasures that I selected:

Meet the Bishop


women at the

crossroads of life.

On the outside, the Bishop girls appear as different as sisters can be. Mackenzie is a mahogany-haired beauty who has inherited the determined nature of her Army officer father. Her infectious sense of humor and rare gift of imagination are often hidden by a reserved manner. Radiant, blonde Delancey views the world through an artist's eyes, drawing what she sees with wide sweeps of emotion. Her charming personality easily wins friends and admirers, but also leaves her sensitive heart vulnerable to hurt.

As the girls grow, unexpected difficulties threaten their world. Will their life-changing experiences bring them together or tear them apart? Where will they find the love they seek?

A moving story of the tender bond of sisterhood and God's promise of redemption for all who seek Him.

"A marriage is always two intersecting stories."

This realization comes perhaps too late to the husband of Etna Bliss—a man whose obsession with his young wife begins at the moment of their first meeting, as he helps Etna and her companion escape from a fire in a hotel restaurant, and culminates in a marriage of secrets and betrayal.

Written with the intelligence and grace that are hallmarks of Anita Shreve's bestselling novels, this gripping tale of desire, jealousy, and loss is peopled by unforgettable characters as real as the emotions that bring them together.


—Helen Falconer.Guardian

In a stark, troubling, yet ultimately triumphant celebration of self-determination, awarding-winning A. Manette Ansay recreates a stifling world of guilt and pain, and the tormented souls who inhabit it. It is 1972 when circumstance carries Ellen Grier and her family back to Holly's Field, Wisconsin. Dutifully accompanying her newly-unemployed husband, Ellen has brought her two children into the home of her in-laws on Vinegar Hill—a loveless house suffused with the settling dust of bitterness and routine—where calculated cruelty is a way of life preserved and perpetuated in the service of a rigid, exacting and angry God. Behind a facade of false piety, there are sins and secrets in this place that could crush a vibrant young woman's passionate spirit. And here Ellen must find the strength to endure, change, and grow in the all-pervading darkness that threatens to destroy everything she is and everyone she loves.



Washington Post Book World

In a few days, I will tell you what the rest of my "Book Sale Treasures" are. Some of them are very old books that I'll have to take photos of, so that you can see what they look like. One of them looks really neat—I can't wait for you to see it!

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless you all.


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dellgirl said...

What a lovely time with two favorite menfolk, you can't beat that. Sounds like you guys had a great time at the book sale. You found some really interesting books and, the reviews say..."you won't put this one down until The End".

Which one are you reading first? I would probably start with the "UNPUTDOWNABLE" one.

I love the post, these are great reviews. I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing.

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Dellgirl!

You're right! I am going to read the UNPUTDOWNABLE "All He Ever Wanted" by Anita Shreve. I'm sure it's going to be great!

I hope it's a relaxing weekend, too. I sure could use it, that's for sure!

God bless you, Dell girl!

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