Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Cynde's Saturday Evening Book Review!"

In this story we have eleven-year-old Charlie and his faithful companion, a beautiful golden retriever named "Taffy." Charlie's father, Frank, has a terrible drinking problem, and as a result, he is very mean to the boy and makes life so unbearable that Charlie feels that the only choice he has is to run away from home.

During Charlie's travels, he runs into at least two very rough characters, one whom his father had a run-in with a few days earlier when he was drunk, who also carried a grudge from their high school/college days because Frank was a local football legend and this creep could never measure up to Charlie's father, so he was always trying to get even. The other was a hired gun on assignment to obtain Charlie's extremely valuable coin collection from him, no matter what the cost.

Charlie was lucky enough to run across another man who had run away from home himself, years earlier, for completely different reasons, and was now in need of a friend himself because he was ill and making his way back home to mend fences before it was too late. When Charlie and his new friend, Quill, reach his home there are lots of unexpected surprises awaiting them and they have arrived just in the knick of time. Watch and see what happens as Quill and Charlie not only become closer to each other, but Charlie also helps Quill and his son, Cort, to repair their damaged relationship, and also to forgive each other.

Peter Rennebohm wrote this magnificent page-turner and I hope that none of you plans to miss it as it is filled with family conflict; mystery; adventure; greed; hatred; and love. Throughout this complex story, it is layered with conflict, seasoned with with loyalty, filled with adventure and it ends happily, just the way you would want it to.
In my opinion, it's an excellent story, and you won't want to miss this one!

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless you all.


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